Friday, March 8, 2019

Heart in Throat Disease

 That's it. That's what I have. My heart is in my throat. That's how I feel. Not all the time. Just the times I'm filled with fear, terror even, that a couple of breakthrough seizures will send us spiraling toward the abyss that is a prolonged, unstoppable seizure. I have it now-the heart in throat thing. Michael's had 4 breakthrough seizures in the last two days. They were brief---seconds only. But two knocked him off his feet.

I know what's causing them. The seizures. He's extremely stressed about a school project due Monday. The stress is causing him to mis-read/understand directions, argue when we attempt to explain or god-forbid assist and prolong the process by hours!

I finally contacted the neuro this afternoon. She knows Michael well. She asked, "Does he LIKE the course?" We chuckled. She knows he's almost there (to his degree) and that suggesting dropping this next-to-last-course is NOT an option. She figures, and I wholeheartedly agree, that he's revved up his stress to such an extent that his seizure threshold is compromised.

So...we have a plan. I'm not enthusiastic about adding a med even for a short time. But I do know how quickly 2, 3, 4 seizures can become a hellacious mess and I DO appreciate how much Michael wants to get his degree.

This evening was quiet seizure-wise but everyone's mad at someone re project or seizure safety. How do we navigate caring and protecting him with supporting his course work? Answer unknown.

I have unbelievable admiration for those people who I know and love who deal with this 24/7. You have no idea. Don't waste your empathetic thoughts on me. Keep them in your thoughts. and, should you want to do a little extra, donate to epilepsy research.