Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey Adrian

It wasn't discipline. It was abuse. You broke his skin. You bruised him. You stuffed leaves in his mouth. You hurt your son. What could he possibly have done to deserve a beating from an NFL football player? Sorry---- that's rhetorical. Nothing. He's 4 years old. 4!!
Your team purports there is a delicate balance they must navigate regarding disciplining children. C'mon Vikings. You just got your butts kicked by the Patriots so you're putting your star back on the field next week!
Hey Adrian. Hey Vikings. I repeat. It wasn't discipline. It was abuse.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Quiet

It's so quiet after a seizure. We've all retreated to our corners. Me, in my bed, down the hall, making sure the post ictal period is a restful sleep. Well ---- I can't really " make sure"--- just hope and listen. Meaghan getting ready for work. She'll carry the image most of the day. It'll probably color her interactions, observations. Will she grow impatient with some client's whining? Maybe. Barry's reading the newspaper downstairs. He recorded the seizure in the calendar we keep. The calendar. Me: " how long since the last?". He: "three weeks". Quiet.

I read a comment on Elizabeth Aquino's post on Facebook today. It said "fuck a duck". I was so surprised. I have never heard anyone say that except for me when I am just exasperated beyond --- beyond.

Fuck a duck.